Arbeiten mit der Kettensäge im Frühjahr 2000
gearbeitet in Eiche und Lärche,
Größe 300 - 450 cm
teilweise für den Bronzeguss

vergessenen STÄDTE
Selbste, die Ihr
40-60 figures done with a chainsaw in oak in spring/ summer of 2000 in the woods near our former farmhouse. height aprox. 2-4 meters.
I left them in the woods for some months to loose weight.some are cast in bronce. some groups are lost, I never thought of people steeling trunks of this measurement and weight. after this event I put a curse on them, so if you hear of some new pestepidemic occuring in the middle west of germany, it will be no joke of the Robert Koch Institute but a consequence of my curse. PF 

Antlitz 1
Photographie: Farb-P. von Herbert Piel, alle anderen Patrick Feldmann